About Lisa

I spent my childhood in Fiji and my teenage years in Brisbane. Following a stint as a barmaid on the Barrier Reef I became a wilderness guide in the Snowy Mountains. I then moved on to lecture in outdoor education and work in environmental communication. I now live (and surf, and write) on the north coast of New South Wales with my husband and two sons who come and go.


Back in the distant past I started writing. Many novels later, my ‘first book’ (which was actually the fourth I had written) was selected for the Varuna HarperCollins Program. This book, ‘Liar Bird’ was published by HarperCollins in 2012, followed by ‘Sex, Lies and Bonsai’ in 2013. My third novel, ‘Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing’ was published by Random House in 2015. 2018 was a big year. My first Young Adult novel 'Paris Syndrome' was published by HarperCollins and 'Melt', a romantic comedy about climate change, was published by Lacuna. 'Sex, Lies and Bonsai' also made its international debut with HarperCollins in the US, Canada and UK.


In 2020, my second Young Adult novel, 'The Girl with the Gold Bikini' hits the streets with Wakefield Press. 'Paris Syndrome' also comes out in the US, UK and Canada with HarperCollins. 


I have also written a radio play, 'Baddest Backpackers', which was produced for ABC Radio National in 2008, articles for The Age and Griffith Review and many short stories, including my latest in the Big Issue Fiction Edition, 2019. I am currently completing a PhD in creative writing.