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‘Trouble is my Business’

'I loved being swept up in this mystery. A wonderful combination of comical, high-stakes and genuine.’ 

Emily Gale, author of 'We are out with Lanterns'

'New mystery, new trouble, new(ish) normcore clothes... Forget Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew, teen PI Olivia Grace going deep undercover as Nansea is everything I never knew I needed. 

Fearless, fun and fake tanned, has Olivia found the perfect disguise in Nansea to take on cults, bad boy surfers and dangerously attractive acrobats? 

Trouble is my Business kept me reading, guessing and laughing late into the night.'

R.W.R McDonald, author of 'The Nancys'

'I am here for a brilliant young protagonist who’s solving mysteries and showing up for herself. A page-turning read.’

Claire Christian, author of 'Beautiful Mess'

'Hilarious, tender and fun, this sun-drenched teen PI mystery drips with humour and style. I adored it.' 

Poppy Nwosu, author of 'Taking Down Evelyn Tait'

'Amazing characters. Amazing setting. A mystery to keep you guessing. This book, just like The Girl With The Gold Bikini, is incredibly entertaining and highly recommended.'

Helen Farch, Forest Hill College Library

'Walker has once again written a story perfect for the older teenager who loves a good mystery'

Sue Mauger, GlamAdelaide

This latest adventure has the lot, a missing girl, environmental activists, a bizarre cult, hippies and surfies, cryptic clues, and numerous suspects, all with names starting with the letter A. It’s a lot of fun, and the mystery will keep you guessing until the end.

Helen Eddy, ReadPlus

A great second instalment in what looks to be a really promising YA mystery series with a very believable protagonist.

Bree, One Girl Too Many Books

This book was wonderfully fast-paced, and had all of the goodness of the first one. If you enjoy mysteries and that Nancy Drew/Veronica Mars type vibe, then I definitely recommend picking these books up!

Little Miss Star

Anyone who likes a good mystery should read this book.

 Linh, age 13

If you’re looking for a fun, refreshing and altogether addictive Young Adult Mystery series to devour, with a fabulous main character, then you definitely need to read the Olivia Grace series – they’re nothing short of fabulous and I completely recommend them!

Brooklyn the Bookworm

A thoroughly entertaining novel that readers in Year 10 and up will love.

Michelle at Lamont Books

A perfect balance of teen-protagonist angst, clever sleuthing, lively characters, vibrant setting and snappy pace. ... 

Narrelle Harris, Sisters in Crime

‘The Girl with the Gold Bikini’

Short listed for the Davitt Awards in the

Young Adult and Debut Crime categories


'Lisa Walker's second YA novel gives us a fun new spin on Nancy Drew and 'girl detectives'. It will absolutely appeal to readers who love the mystery genre, with a relatable contemporary crossover ... an engaging, action-packed, fast-paced book - with many end-of-chapter cliffhangers. The issue of appearance discrimination is thoughtfully considered.' - 

Alida Galati, Books & Publishing

An action packed joyride... the novel remains grounded by Olivia's endearing relationships with strong, authentic female characters. A ripper read ultimately about backing yourself. (Four and a half stars) 

Jane Leonard, The Big Issue 

Lisa Walker has mined a distinctive Gold Coast culture, surfing, stand-up comedy and body-positivism for this multifaceted, fresh and entertaining teen detective tale. (Four stars)

Katherine England, The Adelaide Advertiser

The Girl with the Gold Bikini was easy to read and kept me interested from start to finish. (Four stars)

Sue Mauger, GlamAdelaide

Olivia is strong, compelling, witty, irreverent, determined, intelligent and gutsy. Originality and a fresh perspective are provided through the setting, the whacky characters and comedic aspects. …unique, catchy, intriguing and appealing.

Connie Spanos, editor and reviewer, AJC Publishing and Kids Book Review 


Meet the unstoppable Olivia Grace, teen PI, mistress of disguises and multi-tasking as she takes on all that the Gold Coast and Byron Bay have to offer - meter maids, McSushi, a missing surfer, and self-made yoga gurus.

Marele Day, author of Lambs of God and the Claudia Valentine detective series. 

Lisa Walker writes with such heart, optimism and sun-fuelled energy, I’d follow her characters anywhere.

Breakneck page-turning, good old-fashioned fun, with a madcap Nancy Drew-esque mystery plot that is constantly surprising, 

Perfect for aspiring private investigators, those wondering what sort of trouble they’d like to get into on their gap year, and those in need of a bit of girl-power food for the soul.  

Kim Kelly, author of the acclaimed Wild Chicory and best-selling The Blue Mile

Olivia Grace is like "Nancy Drew on steroids"… Give this light-hearted adventure a read and you just
might be inspired to follow your own dreams. Fingers crossed for a sequel. "May the horse be with you"

Helen Farch, Forest Hill College Library

If you liked Nancy Drew or Veronica Mars, or just like hilariously awesome 18 year old girls trying to make it as a Private Detective on the Gold Coast, then this book is absolutely for you.

Part of this story were so laugh-out-loud funny that I got odd-looks but I can’t recommend this book enough.

Little Miss Star

I loved this book! It’s so unique and full of fun, pop culture references aplenty and a wonderful main character with a plot that just kept me turning the pages!


Lisa Walker delivers a sharp-witted, delightful romp with her latest... The Girl with the Gold Bikini is an entertaining and witty novel, suitable for both YA and adult audiences, and a terrific summer read.

Shellyrae at Book'd Out

This novel from Lisa Walker has it all – lots of mystery, a good dose of humour and just a touch of romance.  With a protagonist that any young woman could relate to with issues of self-doubt and a lack of confidence , the story keeps the reader engaged with its strong characters and plot twists.

Kristy Kyi, Planet Books

It was just wonderful. If you're a fan of Veronica Mars, this is a must-read.

Sarah Farch, Written Wanderings

Outstanding characters, some stunning plot twists, and an amazing kind of humour. I will miss the characters greatly and can absolutely recommend this book to anyone. It's the perfect Summer read!

Book Treasures

Olivia is a quirky, memorable character who enjoys mystery, possibly headstands, and she never shies away from challenge. Walker cleverly incorporates discrimination and sexual-harassment in her fast-paced and easy-to-read delightful book. This one is sure to charm the socks off you and will have you reconsidering the importance of verbal communication with whales and dolphins!

Nadia L. King Author

An absolutely stunning book and if you will just pardon me, I have to go buy everything Lisa Walker has written. 

Brooklynne at AusYABloggers

Olivia is a lead character who is determined and full of energy... this will appeal to any reader 14 and older who likes mystery with the potential for romance.

Rob, Lamont Standing Orders

Readings 'Books to Get Excited About'

National Library of Australia Bookshop 'Books We Love'



‘Paris Syndrome’


Paris Syndrome is a charming coming-of-age story for ages 14+ and definitely for those who love all things French and dream of the romantic city of Paris. But it’s also a very poignant story of divorce, grief and a young girl finding her feet in a new, romantic and increasingly adult world.

Better Reading Kids


Told with light humour, vivid imagery and evolving characters sporting fascinating back stories, YA novelist Lisa Walker has woven a multi-layered story of love and loss... Highly recommended.

Allison Paterson, Magpie Magazine

Paris Syndrome is definitely the book for you if you love YA contemporary or love all things Paris. 

Tanaya Lowden, Booktopia Blog

This seemingly light-hearted story, as adolescent fiction, touches on important aspects of the decisions of young people who are becoming aware of themselves and their role in the world... Wisdom is there in plenty...

Elizabeth Bondar, ReadPlus Blog

This is a quirky affectionate read that will have teens laughing one minute and tearing up the next.

Riverbend Standing Orders

It is a tremendous read that will most appeal to 14+ female readers, particularly those who may suffer from Paris Syndrome!

Rob, Lamont Books

The strength of the character relationships and interactions and the deft way in which Lisa Walker balances the different issues make this the sort of read that will leave a mark.

Bree, One Girl Too Many Books

One of those remarkable books that sneak up on you. Surprising and beautiful.

Eliza Henry-Jones, author of 'P is for Pearl', 'Ache' and 'In the Quiet'


This is delicious... Many laugh out loud moments, genuine characters, and ultimately as fulfilling as a whole slice of a Mille-feuille just for yourself.

Libby Armstrong, Beachside Bookshop Avalon


We've fallen in love with this cheeky and charming new YA romance by Lisa Walker.

Better Reading Kids (facebook). 


... a hilarious mix between comedy and coming of age

Faaiza, age 15


... the further I got into the book the more I wanted to read and I couldn’t put it down.

Sienna, age 15


...a delightful coming of age story

Kristy Kyi, Planet Books


Paris Syndrome got me hook, line and sinker...  For lovers of all things French related, Paris Syndrome offers one delectable slice of Paris!

Mr's B's Book Reviews

Featured: 10 Must-Read 2018 Bisexual YA Books

Book Riot

This was truly a romp, and a decidedly queer one, at that. The story exudes charm, no question about it.

Judges report, Bisexual Book Awards (finalist)







Melt is so much more than romcom. Carefully layered beneath the quirky humour and the colourful, cartoonish bounce of Walker’s prose is a bittersweet, cleverly nuanced exploration of climate change – how we’ve failed to market it and how urgently we need to turn our minds to the task... Walker’s comic timing makes for many a laugh-out-loud moment.

Kim Kelly, author of the acclaimed Wild Chicory and best-selling The Blue Mile


For me, Melt is a fabulous little melting pot itself, of humour, science, topical debate, an amazing location, the idea of being true to yourself and finding out what you really want, and of course a little pinch of romance. I wish I could find more books just like this one!

Bree, One Girl Too Many Books

 Lisa is unafraid of big, outside-the-box ideas and she can make the crazy seem real. To top it all off she is funny and witty and the good news is she does not disappoint with this new book.

Ms K, Readhead Blog

It's a lovely romp of a RomCom, involving Climate Change, Mistaken Identities and Antarctica! 

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki on Twitter

Lisa has a great sense of humour. This novel should go far!

Dan Bloom, journalist, founder of the term cli-fi

Melt is a really engaging, relatable story for anyone struggling with the chaos of ‘modern life’. Come for the romance, stay to learn some surprising facts about one of the planet’s most intriguing locales. 

Dr Lara Cain Gray, Charming Language

If you are looking for a smart, modern day romance with a different slant, the buck stops with Melt... Melt is a crisp and snazzy tale that combines a pathway of self discovery, with a touch of romance, which is set against the broad backdrop of Antarctica. Melt is one out of the ordinary story that will be sure to touch your heart.

Mrs B's Book Reviews

Whilst this is a funny and quirky romantic/comedy, it is so much more than that. Walker delves deeply into the issue of climate change and life in Antarctica and it is obvious these are subjects she knows and cares about. She adeptly applies this knowledge to her story and it makes for a good read. 

LF, Chicklit Club

This book seems deceptively light and fluffy at first, with over-the-top scenarios all loved up with sparkling dialogue. Then suddenly you realise that under the fluff the story has taken you deeper.


Australian Romance Readers Association



‘Arkie's Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing’


This is a funny, charming and thoughtful kind of chick lit, full of witty one-liners and intriguing minor characters, realistic about the vicissitudes of love and desire.


Kerryn Goldsworthy, Sydney Morning Herald


Lisa Walker’s charming storytelling takes the reader on a Dorothy-type journey through Oz, full of quirky characters, gentle mysteries, significant coincidences, a little surrealism and some quiet philosophical pondering.’ 

John Grey, Northern Star.


…delicious parallels to surrealist paintings, interesting and eccentric characters, unexpected and serendipitous events, marriage and affairs, pain and loss, self-awareness and healing. It’s a pleasure to read and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.’

Northern Rivers Echo


A blend of whimsy and imagination that never takes itself too seriously leads to an inevitable happy ending, and a satisfactory story told well.

South Coast Register


…an amusing kind of midlife crisis-resolution story.

Geelong Advertiser


You emerge at the end of the book having completed your own pilgrimage of sorts, one that is funny, insightful, charmingly offbeat, sweet and meaningful, a reminder that it is possible to be both entertained and given pause for thought, and that what you perceive as the end of all things could simply be the unexpected gateway to the next Big Thing in your life.

Sparkly, Pretty, Briiight



I recommend this book to anyone who has lost their mojo or is on a search to find yourself, you might just find what you're looking for in this book.

Jarrah Jungle



…brings a wonderfully irreverent touch to the idea of the pilgrimage as a sacred journey.

Verandah Magazine



Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing is an offbeat, sometimes surreal, contemporary novel that will have you reminiscing about your last visit to one of Australia’s ‘Big Things’ and perhaps yearning for your own spiritual road-trip.


Shellyrae, Book’d Out


‘It’s a beautifully written book and a lot of fun.’ 

Graeme Gilbert, 2SM 



‘Lisa Walker has written a quirky, amusing, entertaining story, which I encourage you to try – it is a very different experience but worth your time.’

Karen O’Brien-Hall, Starts at Sixty



‘Strange and bizarre in the nicest way. Embrace this, enjoy the ride and imagine the Big Things in their heyday when you pick up this book.’

The Unfinished Bookshelf



‘With shades of The Wizard of Oz, this is a quirky and highly original tale that highlights a longing for a more nostalgic time.’

Chicklit Club


‘Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing is an easy and very enjoyable read, and will appeal to many readers. Even though I usually read several books at a time, this novel pulled me in such that I didn’t want to put it down. Strongly recommended.’

Annette Marfording, Radio 2bbb


‘The story with the lawyer chasing Arkie was hilarious, she does incredible things to avoid being served with the papers and that part of the story really did keep me giggling.’

1 Girl 2 Many Books



‘If you enjoyed reading Eat Pray Love, then you’ll love this book (with added Aussie bonus)’

Do You Dare to Take a Look Into my Mind?



‘A wonderful read, I really enjoyed it.’ 

Kerry Peck, 2BS Bathurst


Interview with Eoin Cameron, ABC Perth



‘Big Prawn worth a Tale’, Northern Star



‘Capturing our Lives’, BMag



‘…the characters and locations it draws on are as fresh as a Big Pineapple parfait.’


This Charming Mum



‘A heartwarming, funny book which I thoroughly enjoyed; So much so, I have purchased seven lucky Shinto Gods of my own in the hope they will guide me through 2015. Has Lisa started her own trend?’


Duffy the Writer



‘Upfront’ - BMag




‘Sex, Lies and Bonsai’


‘the voice Walker uses is authentic and her story is enriched by hard-won psychological insights.’ 

The Sydney Morning Herald


‘ … reaches out beyond romance to social commentary. Much to enjoy.’

 The Sun-Herald


‘…laugh-out-loud moments’

The Cairns Post


‘…great characters, depth, intelligence, originality, fun and a bloody good laugh'

Northern Rivers Echo


‘Alongside the romance and memorable characters is some very clever erotic prose interspersed with witty dialogue’

Launceston Examiner


‘spiced with quirky humour’

Herald Sun


‘laidback, fun and perfect for a seaside read’

Adelaide INDAILY


‘Lisa Walker is a talented writer and Sex, Lies and Bonsai is a quirky, engaging story of self discovery, love and life.’ 

Shellyrae at Book’d Out


‘refreshingly real and distinctly Australian in voice and setting with quirky characters that you’ll end up coming to care about.’

Bree at One Girl Too Many Books 




‘Liar Bird'


‘I enjoyed Liar Bird for its wit, warmth and quirky spirit and look forward to reading more by Lisa Walker.’ 

Shellyrae at Book’d Out


‘I always enjoy a writer who can make me feel a myriad of emotions for a character and Lisa Walker certainly achieved that in this book.’

Bree at One Girl Too Many Books 


‘I smiled and laughed my way all through the book, and then I picked it up to start reading it all over again. In my mind that makes this a Desert Island Keeper.’

Leigh at All About Romance.


‘Every once in a while you come across a little gem like Liar Bird. It is so exceptionally well-written, not to mention funny, that I'll be getting a print copy to add to my keeper shelf.’

Jill at Goodreads. 


'... a fresh, lively voice that brings humour and 

originality to the "women's fiction" genre.'

Northern Rivers Echo

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